Gian Musolino / Country Manager Pivotal & Selligent for Italy

General Manager di Pivotal Italia. Since April 2005 I’m General Manager of Pivotal Italia which is the Pivotal CRM Italian distributor. Pivotal is a global enterprise software provider of on-premise and cloud CRM deployments. In particular in Italy we market and deliver services on the Front Office products of the suite like Pivotal CRM, MarketFirst Campaing Manager Solution and Respond.
Within this role my responsibilities are:

• Maintain and enforce the relationship with Pivotal
• Prepare and agree annual sales budget and objectives in accordance with Company top management
• Prepare sales plans by individual as well as team for lead generation
• Prepare business plan and sales plan to penetrate new markets (same product on new target or new products on traditional target)
• Maintain accurate reporting about performances and Results VS Budget monitoring
• Prepare and assist Account Executives in preparing proposals and presentations
• Select, hire and provide educational path to Account executives